Introducing the Sales Baseline Assessment
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Sales Baseline
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"If you want an objective look at your marketing and sales team performance, take the Sales Baseline Assessment. You'll get a scorecard on 11 critical aspects which will enlighten you as to areas holding back revenue gain. It's the best organizational-wide sales and marketing assessment I've used."

Bill Blake
President and COO
eDocument Sciences, LLC

Sales Baseline -
A (30 minute) catalyst for moving your top and bottom line upward.

Whether you are just starting a sales team or growing your current one, there are any numbers of variables that must be considered, weighed and prioritized…. all while driving the sales machine forward aggressively!

Sales Baseline provides you results in three critical areas:
1. Improved Quota Performance – Everyone has rainmakers and top performers who seem to excel in spite of market conditions and lack of resources. When you look at your overall sales results are you running 75% to 90% of quota as most sales organizations? If you have a $10M sales goal that is $1M to $2.5M in lost revenue per year. With Sales Baseline you’ll see how to develop average performers into quota performers and increase the overall number of Top Performers. Would you like to have more reps attain your “Winners Circle” or “Presidents Club”? We’ll show you how!

2. More From Your Million Dollar Sales and Marketing Investment - Are you getting the results you deserve for the investment you’re making? Even with 5 to 10 reps payroll, benefits and sales/marketing expenses are likely surpassing $1,000,000. And if you are a 50 to 250 person sales team then your investment is in the tens of millions.

3. Reduce Customer and Staff Turnover – without question we can show you how to reduce the company quota-killing impact of sales turnover. We won’t claim to eliminate it but we will impact it positively. We also create more field sales time for your sales leaders because less time is spent by them and their HR counterparts on replacement hires. This also saves potential damage from leads not being pursued and loss of customer/territory coverage during periods of staff transition.

In 30 minutes, you can get greater clarity into your sales and marketing organization - into your opportunities and your obstacles to faster growth. You get a framework for having discussions with your team, and a way to build consensus about what needs to be done to move the company forward.

Learn how Sales Baseline Assessment works.

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