Who Benefits?

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Any business executive who benefits from increased sales will find immediate advantages in the results of their Sales Baseline. And here's the beauty of it- you can have results in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee! You are the expert of your organization, yet the reality is the closer you are to it the more objectivity is lost!  We provide an challenging and on-line method for you to self-assess your sales organization and get results in hours/days.  You get immediate, actionable intelligence, to either validate your initiatives or to recalibrate your heading. No waiting weeks or months when it may be too late to course correct. And should you utilize sales and business consultants, you can use the result with them in their work with your organization.

Most of our clients are:
  • Newly hired executives who want to get the best possible picture of where things stand.
  • Leaders who want to spark momentum and create a sense of urgency.
  • Situations where something's "off" and not sure the underlying cause - but you need to find and fix it now.
  • Team leaders who want to identify obstacles that could derail future efforts in meeting their critical objectives. 
  • Private Equity Firms who want more from their investment
  • Opportunists who want identify and capture the easiest targets.
  • Those "hearing noises" who need to know whether the engine needs overhauling or just minor repairs. 
  • Anyone who wants to turn passive employees into enthusiastic and proactive advocates.
The Sales Baseline online assessment and process provide guidance and best practices for growing a disciplined and mature sales organization. The graphs from the assessment highlight areas where you can see the most improvement in performance in sales and marketing. Just finding and changing 25 percent of your process can transform your team from being part of the pack to leading the pack.

How Sales Baseline helps

When we ask revenue-focused organizations about their interest in increasing revenue, with few exceptions, we receive a resounding "Yes!"

We ask the follow-up question, "When was the last time you formally baselined your sales and marketing organization?" we typically receive a brisk "Never" or "I wouldn’t know where to start."  We provide that vehicle.

You will have greater clarity in your organization in order to move it into higher levels of revenue and profit as quickly as possible. Everyone in your organization has an opinion and a perspective of what they see – Sales Baseline provides a positive and structured environment for eliciting it.

You've most also likely experienced situations where misconceptions about issues take on a life of their own and drag the firm's direction, effectiveness and operating environment. Sales Baseline provides the structure to allow issues of this type to be brought into an environment where they are discussed and resolved. This, most importantly, leads to a renewed sense of teamwork.

Sales Baseline is a tool for the visionary leader and the pragmatist. Sometimes we fly at 60,000 feet rather than 30,000. Other times, we're so focused on each step that we miss windows of opportunity that could double or triple our financial goals. Sales Baseline allows leaders gather critical information that staff members may not think to bring to management's attention.

Sales Baseline
What others are saying...
"If you want an objective look at your marketing and sales team performance, take the Sales Baseline Assessment. You'll get a scorecard on 11 critical aspects which will enlighten you as to areas holding back revenue gain. It's the best organizational-wide sales and marketing assessment I've used."

Bill Blake
President and COO
eDocument Sciences, LLC

“I just went through the Sales Baseline Assessment and it was very enlightening. I would recommend this tool for any C-suite executive with sales and marketing responsibility.

This will be very helpful in identifying communication and perceptual alignment gaps with our senior team, enabling us to define, articulate and execute a fully aligned sales and marketing strategy to our team. Great stuff!”

Taulbee Jackson, CEO Raidious
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