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In our years of consulting with sales and business executives, we consistently found a gap where people didn't have the insights they needed to develop employees and build successful, scalable organizations. And this was painfully obviously when the conversation turned to sales and marketing.  Sales Baseline identifies critical areas that must be in place to create long-term successful organizations.  Importantly, it is a self-assessment tool used by you and your staffs - the people closest to the issues!

Many times Sales Baseline is the first step organizations take to "fix it themselves" or to actually zero in on the type of sales or marketing consultant they need to engage.  It is a valuable supplement for clients and consultants to use together.  The experience and unbiased view of professional consultants has critical value.  We provide interim steps to hiring them, as well as allowing them to "hit the ground running" to accelerate their value and your results.

Consulting without the baseline road-map can be expensive and time consuming.  Sales Baseline is a process that provides meaningful and valuable results in days. Of course, some of you will be too easy on yourselves, while others too hard. However, the depth of the questions will provide you a more insightful analysis of your operations than you would otherwise be able to do.

Different organizations are at different places in their sales development process.  That is fine as we believe you should start where you stand but with one important caveat - know clearly where you (currently) stand! With Sales Baseline, you have a more objective perspective on the current state and future priorities.

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