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Our Baseline applications are customized for different organization types - Business, Not-for-profit, Government, Education and more.  What our clients find most unique about our applications is their positioning as an "enterprise platform" for business performance and leadership development.  The Baseline products provide a common language and report delivery across the breadth of an organization.  By breadth we provide we provide:

  • Board Level Perspective for Board Governance
  • Organization-wide for strategy, alignment and execution
  • Individual Leadership focus to provide insight for development of executive and managerial staff
the specific markets are as follows:

Board Baseline - designed for internal or external Board Governance

ORGANIZATION - Business Oriented

Business Baseline - developed for Fortune 500 and larger enterprises
SMB Baseline - developed for Small-Medium Businesses (for profit)
Sales and Marketing Baseline - a "deep dive" into sales and marketing strategy and operations
Credit Union Baseline - developed exclusively for Credit Unions
Cultural Baseline - assessing cultural issues which effect performance

ORGANIZATION - Government and Education Oriented

Education Baseline - developed for K- 12 and Higher Education Institutions
Government Baseline - developed for local, county, state and federal entities
Cultural Baseline - assessing cultural issues which effect performance

ORGANIZATION - Not-for-Profit

NFP Baseline - designed for Not-for-Profit Organizations
Church Baseline - developed for use in Churches
Ministry Baseline - developed specifically for not-for-profit ministries
Cultural Baseline - assessing cultural issues which effect performance

INDIVIDUAL - Leadership and Culture

Leadership Baseline - a development process for your current and future leaders.

The following applications are under development - please contact us for more information:

  • Finance Baseline
  • IT/Technology Baseline
  • HR Baseline
  • Supply Chain Baseline
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