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“I just went through the Sales Baseline Assessment and it was very enlightening. I would recommend this tool for any C-suite executive with sales and marketing responsibility.

This will be very helpful in identifying communication and perceptual alignment gaps with our senior team, enabling us to define, articulate and execute a fully aligned sales and marketing strategy to our team. Great stuff!”

Taulbee Jackson, CEO Raidious
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Sales Baseline uses a database that allows it to scale based on number of participants. This makes it affordable for a single executive, as well as to those directing Fortune 500 business units with thousands of employees.

Many manufacturers with selling partners (resellers) use it to identify common challenges and develop programs giving both the opportunity to grow. In these baselines, manufacturers also receive a private benchmark based on their resellers' results.

​​​The best way to understand the benefits of Sales Baseline is to click this link  "How Sales Baseline Saved Our Sales Force".

Sales Baseline
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