What It Is

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The Sales Baseline is an online assessment that:
  1. Gives you an objective method for measuring
    your organization's sales and marketing efforts.

  2. Identifies area where improved sales tools,
    processes, disciplines and work environment
    will lead to more productive sales staff and
    increased revenue.

  3. If you have multiple groups take the assessment (senior leadership, sales staff, marketing and support staff), you can see if alignment issues are holding back sales success.

  4. Ever heard the words "If I had only known"....ever said them yourself?!? Sales Baseline provides you the information you need now to stay on top of the business.
After taking the Sales Baseline assessment, you will gain:
  • A more focused, motivated and aligned organization that can address your greatest opportunities and threats.

  • Clarity on the steps needed to reach your targets within a set time frame.

  • Objective data for making solid decisions instead of relying on guesses or gut instinct only.
See how it works via our presentation "Creating Stronger Sales Teams". 
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