What others are saying...
“I just went through the Sales Baseline Assessment and it was very enlightening. I would recommend this tool for any C-suite executive with sales and marketing responsibility.

This will be very helpful in identifying communication and perceptual alignment gaps with our senior team, enabling us to define, articulate and execute a fully aligned sales and marketing strategy to our team. Great stuff!”

Taulbee Jackson, CEO Raidious

"If you want an objective look at your marketing and sales team performance, take the Sales Baseline Assessment. You'll get a scorecard on 11 critical aspects which will enlighten you as to areas holding back revenue gain. It's the best organizational-wide sales and marketing assessment I've used."

Bill Blake
President and COO
eDocument Sciences, LLC

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Why Sales Baseline?
Unlike most sales and marketing assessments,
Sales Baseline analyzes the organization instead
of the people.
You can see how well your sales and
marketing processes are working - and easily
identify your greatest opportunities for

You get insights fast! You can take the assessment
in just 30 minutes, and your report is delivered
within 24 hours.

You'll be asked to evaluate the following areas:
  • Marketing Plans
  • Marketing Tools and Resources
  • Prospecting and Qualification
  • Sales Tools and Process
  • Sales Staff Performance
  • Sales Management Operations
  • Compensation
  • and more!
Here's more information about how Sales Baseline is different from surveys that you create in-house using services like Survey Monkey or Zoomerang.

Experts developed assessment questions
Improperly written questions or statements are one of the most common problems with surveys because they're leading or show bias. The level of bias can be obvious or subtle. In both cases, the survey results won't be reliable.

Experts carefully developed the statements in the Sales Baseline assessment by using entrepreneurial and Fortune 500 best practices, They also use a scientific process called Cronbach Alpha to increase the reliability of the answers and reduce bias.

Ability to compare groups to verify organizational alignment
Sales Baseline makes it easy to create groups of respondents and compare the results between groups. This is critical in pinpointing areas where misconceptions or assumptions cause problems. For every statement, you'll see the staff's level of agreement to validate alignment. This has given clients "Ah ha" moments.

Provides comparison information for benchmark
Rather limiting comparison within an organization, this assessment provides a comparison of your organization with many others to give you a sense of your overall effectiveness. This allows to identify areas for improvement and areas where your firm performs better than most. Internal surveys don't provide this external perspective.

Easy to interpret reports
The reports include a variety of visual representations: line graphs, bar charts, scorecards, quadrant analysis and spidergrams. They're easy to read and understand, so you can immediately identify the actions to take and spend less time debating the data.

Fast results
With Sales Baseline, you receive the results within 24 hours after the last participant takes the assessment. In-house surveys can take weeks or months to produce results. By then, things have changed and different problems have come up that the results won't be able to solve.

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